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Simple and easy
Simple and intuitive interface with suggested popular assets, market news and helpful educational materials
Safe and secure
Best security practices. Your funds are securely stored in high grade financial institutions
Grow your capital
Multiply your investments using flexible leverage and control your risks with take-profit and stop-loss orders
  • Partnerships

    Movo has partnerships with the best companies that secure neo-broker money – Ledger, Copper, and Fireblocks.

  • Monitoring

    Movo works in collaboration with CipherTrace to prevent criminal cash deposits.

Over 100+ assets
available to you

  • Discover hundreds of assets
  • Trade 24/7
  • Choose your favorites among top tier US stocks
  • Track US stock market with indices

Start your journey in 3 easy steps

Create account using phone number
and email in less than 2 minutes
Deposit reais and get your balance in $. Wide variety of deposit methods, including cards, PIX etc.
Trade the assets you love. Buy long to earn from the market growth, and sell short to profit from the falling prices
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Trade Stocks & Indices wherever you are

Movo is an easy way to start investing and grow your capital

Trading accessible for everyone
Start with as little as $10 on your trading balance
Quick deposits
Wide variety of payment methods, including PIX, TED and bank cards
Professional trading tools
Control your risk with take profit & stop loss orders, use analytical tools and stay tuned with instant notifications
One app, all assets
Single app covering all your investment needs: US stocks, indices

We are part of the
experienced team

We are powered by the global industry-leading platform EXMO. We leverage its expertise in technology, security and culture to provide full spectrum best practices service for our customers.

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You can download Movo App on Apple Store and Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

When is your application scheduled for release?

Movo is already accessible on Google Play for Android devices. Simply follow the provided link on this page. The release on the App Store for iOS devices is anticipated very soon.

How do I register on Movo?

Download the app and proceed through the quick and easy sign-up process. All you need to do is confirm your phone number and email address.

What functionalities are currently available on Movo?

The main features are already accessible. You can deposit and withdraw money, execute trades in available assets, and use extensive analytic tools to analyse your trading results.

Which markets are currently available on Movo?

You can trade selected US stocks, indices, and commodities.

What should I do if I encounter an error or another issue in the Movo app?

Consider reaching out to our customer support directly in the app or drop an email at [email protected].

Is there a registration bonus available on Movo?

We periodically run promotional campaigns where new users can receive a bonus by completing specific activities. For the latest information, please follow our social media channels.

I have a promo code. How do I claim bonus funds?

Enter the promo code in the special field during registration to receive the bonus funds. The bonus funds will be credited to your Movo account balance. The specific amount and the terms of use are outlined in the promotion campaign terms.

What can I do with the bonus funds?

“You can use the bonus funds to explore and understand how Movo works. With bonus funds you can:

  • Trade all assets that are available on Movo.
  •  Add your own money to the bonus funds for bigger trades.
  • Take out any profits you make.

Even if you lose the bonus funds, there’s no need to repay them.”

Can I withdraw bonus funds?

You can withdraw the profits earned by trading on Movo using bonus funds. In certain cases, you can withdraw the bonus funds themselves together with the profits, but the withdrawal of bonus funds is proportional to the trade commissions you paid through executed trades.

Can I deposit additional funds without mixing them with the bonus funds?

Yes, you can add your own funds to your account without worrying about losing the bonus funds. Additionally, if your trades result in losses, the bonus funds will be used to cover those losses first.

For instance, let’s say you made a $100 deposit and received a $10 bonus. You can withdraw your entire $100 deposit at any time, while the $10 bonus is reserved for trading. If, during a trade, you incur a $5 loss, it will be covered by the bonus funds. You can still withdraw the full $100 you initially deposited.

or drop an e-mail at

[email protected]
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