About Us

What is Movo?

Movo is a trading app without digital walls and complex barriers. A platform that empowers you to see new possibilities for your money - and helps make them a reality.

Our mission

We want to making investing hassle-free and accessible to anyone
Our true belief is that investing is not only for rich people. Millions have achieved financial wealth through investing, and you can do too!

Our values

We are advocates for simplicity. Investing process should be easy enough for you to understand it and implement it properly.
We continually watch what's going on in the market to stay competitive and stand out from the rest. Our app will always stay at the forefront of innovation to offer you the best and most up-to-date investing experience.
We are all learning, and we want you to learn with us. With our education materials, we want to help you to shorten your learning curve and become a better investor.
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